“Web-based Internal Audit & Compliance
Risk Solution”

Collaborate on
large data analysis             

We have enhanced investigation collaboration
Share insights, manage audit history,
and maximize investigator synergy

Get the most out of
unstructured data

Using AI-based OCR/STT technology, deeply analyze all data
needed for audit and forensics. Get insights
into images, video, voice and documents in multiple languages.

Processing Unstructured Data
Considering Domestic Environment

Using AI-based OCR/STT technology, we analyze
various data needed for audit such as scanned files
and voice files containing Korean and English.

Remote Audit Features

As remote work continues to grow, companies
and organizations are utilizing more remote communication tools.
HYENA eAudit can be accessed from anywhere via the web.
Get full audit capability from any environment.


  • Input Project Information

    You can input the organization
    information and analyz by organization,
    target, and device.

  • Collaboration and Robust History Auditing

    Allow multiple investigators to remotely work on
    the same case as the same time.
    Support artifact tagging,
    comment, and comprehensive search with history.

  • Strong Search

    Binary search and highlight
    function quickly surfaces the most important, responsive artifacts.

  • Optical Character Recognition

    Search text in PDFs and various image formats
    with state-of-the-art optical character recognition

  • Speech to Text

    Convert voice recordings to
    text for full text-search

  • Geographic Information Systems

    Automatically map extracted 
    locations from artifacts


  • Analysis of illegal or corruption activities of subcontractors
  • Analysis of workplace harassment by internal employees
  • Analysis of job-related unfair gains, such as bribery, and embezzlement
  • Analysis of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Analysis of unfair use of customer information
  • Analysis of behavior that causes loss of the company